Miss Thang

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2004-12-27 04:45:13 (UTC)


i spoke to adam last night and he is having fun in mackay
he said he forgot how quite it is. he was offered a job up
there and hes thinking about it..... i tried to be
supportive about the whole thing saying well if thats what
you want to do darl then do it i mean you are young and
have no committments so why not??? i think that my
dissapointment though showed through my tone in my voice. i
was heartbroken but at the same time i dont want to hold
him back. he is such a beautiful person and i know i don't
deserve him but i don't want him to leave me just after we
have started something special.

i miss him so much. i wish i could be with him now instead
of stuck in this hell hole called work. i am so over this
whole thing hey i think its because i have been working for
the past 7 days str8 i can't wait until wednesday day
off!!!! *sighs*

eryn should be here soon she has work at 2pm so i'm
aimlessly watching the clock until she gets here.

i miss adam so much i have a calender at my computer called
the adam calender its counting down the days until he comes
home. he he he i have four days to go........
eryns gonna freak when she sees it she stayed at nathans
last night the silly poo poo head.

i really don't like him. i didn't like him when he first
came over and after everything he did i still don't like
little shit but i'm only bearing him because of eryn. Other
wise i would of told the shit to fuck off ages ago but eryn
still insists in wanting something to do with him. i have
no idea why i'd rather go without sex then go to someone
who can't even be honest about the fact he has a girlfriend
i know that eryns not worried about that she is just upset
that he lied to her and got the silly skank of a girlfriend
to ring her. AND then he send her sms's saying that they
can never see eachother again and its not even a week and
the little shit is asking her to go over his house..... hes
so pathetic and i don't like him....but hes making eryn
happy i guess well at least in the shagging department i
hope to god he isn't in any other way the last thing i need
is the little fucker getting into her heart cause then i'm
going to have to kill the cunt cause he will only just hurt

anyways moving along......christmas god damn christmas.....
i loathe it everyone buying insignificant people in thier
lives presents and gifts all to jump themelves further up
the social ladder its really quite disgusting to watch i
beleive you buy presents for people you really care about
so for me
its my family eryn, bev, lea and the kids and adam they are
the only real people who have a huge impact on my life and
deserve to be shown how much i care about them i don't need
to buy big expensive gifts to show them as long as its
personal and special for that particular person then that's
all that should matter. mum got me heaps of newcastle and
dolphin stuff and i got newcastle knights boxers, make up
and body shop stuff from ery and mama bear. i worked on
chrissy and boxing day and that was about it oh yeah i went
up to eryns aunties house in sandgate of a while and played
a joke on her cousins it was so funny!!!!

apart from that i haven't been doing anything i miss adam i
miss eryn and i really don't want to be a work today i have
no idea how i'm getting to work for the next few days i
have no money what so ever because of the holidays the pays
are being proceesed later than usual.... so basically i'm
screwed.....big time cause i'm not asking mum and dad for
money again that is just asking for a arguement. so i'm
throughly screwed i'll talk it over with eryn today and
we'll figure something out. i hope i can work something out
cause i need to come to work
tomorrow. double time and a half. omg eryn had tomorrow off
omg i'm going to hate tomorrow i'll have no one to start
shit with.he he he he
alright well i better go and do some work before i don't
have a job to go to oh well shit happens don't it???

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