*Mad World*.
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2004-12-27 01:38:25 (UTC)

Another Day

yesterday was Christmas. Eric brought me a necklace, I
like it. Ma and Dad got me Fern Gully! yes I love that
movie, and Chad got me the Butterfly Effect and the new
Korn cd. So that was pretty cool.
haha Adam Brunner is such a queer, he was tellin me about
the dreams he has about me. You should have seen some of
the stuff he said. haha I guess we were married, with kids,
and a big house. Meh, if he thinks I'm gonna marry him hes
got another thing coming! ICK!
Ari cheated on Timmy on Thursday night. She went to Tyler
party and made out with Joe Ballard. Cyle Olson was there
and I guess her and Tyler were fucking on his couch. Which
is really funny. haha Ari said he had a hairy ass!! do da
do. I would have peed my pants if I was there. lol
Eric is at Ryans again! Can u believe that! Again he is
gonna be all over Steph..err life sucks, but on the other
hand. Cassie and Natasha want me to go over to Cassies on
Thursday, and then Ari wants me to hang out with her on
Friday and maybe go to a party, but I dont really want to.
I dont know why but I just dont.. Its weird..
Cas is getting her hair dyed and her eyebrows dyed and her
eyebrow pierced so that will be cool. Hm I'm thirst for
some hot coco haha. toodlez

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