My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2004-12-27 00:57:24 (UTC)

Ho It Up!!!!

Finally! X-mas is now over! Did everyone have a good one?
LoL Mine could of been better. It turns out that I bought
some people stuff they already had. Sucks!! LoL What can
you do right? My nephew so had a good one! So did Kim!
Scott got a go-cart, a very nice xbox controller (thanks to
me), game console, xbox games, trampoline, and some dvds.
Kim got her a nice camera, and her and Tommy both got cell
phones from my mom. LoL I got them some spicy food stuff.
Why? Well, I use to live with them and if you ever ate at
their house you better be able to eat spicy foods! Even
though I can't!!!!! They use to light my ass up ALL the
time over food they would cook. Got to the point where they
had to make me something different or make my food a little
different from theirs. Sensative mouth I guess. LoL Mom got
me the funniest PJ's. She bought kim some too. I'll put a
picture of me and Kim in our PJ's when she sends them to
me. It's pretty funny. But to make a long story short, I
had a good xmas. Plus I made an awesome friend. Her name is
Bree. LoL We have talked on the phone every night to the
point that I wake up in the middle of the night and can
hear her snoring. Now that shit is funny. Plus she's the
only person in the world that I have met who knows just
about movies like I do. She was trying to stump me
lastnight with all these questions. It's great. I think I
found my new best friend. LoL Hint! Ok, well, I hope
everyone had a good time and good luck getting home alright
on new years! LoL Let's pray I don't end up like I did Xmas
eve, where Jason had to carry me out of the club. I don't
know who she was but some girl held me in the bathroom
while I puked. LoL Bree called me and she said that all I
said was "Hey, I'm puking lemme call you back!" She said I
sounded so miserable and I was. I can't believe I got THAT
drunk. I don't think I've ever been that drunk before EVER.
So sad! Alright, I'm out!

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