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2004-12-27 00:39:05 (UTC)

The Past (a small story about a small girl)

When I was about 7 as all children I was scared of
something which I cannot understand good. So there was one
night , when I woke up in a cold sweat and with thought
that something is going on. I was sleeping in my grandma
room on a bed close to her bed and, actually, my mom she
is snoring terribly. :) So I was lying with my face in
front of the wall, hearing her snore and feeling that
somethinc is touching my shoulder ! I was bloody scared !
I couldnt breath or moove, couldnt say anything. I was
lying and waiting when it will finish. I felt a very big
and hot arm in my shoulder. And I suare to God, it was
real ! Untill now, I cannot forget it and it puzzling me,
who could it be ...
P.S. I don't have a mental problems, my dear diary, do not
worry. :)

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