Jorge's Life
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2004-12-26 21:20:32 (UTC)

6:09 pm

Well...another sunday has started.

I begun to translate my infamous Book. There was a lady
that visited at home...well, not me. So I slept continuosly
till 12:00 pm I think.

So I started translating not so early...but well! what do
you want? , it's Sunday!

So I should be sleeping...yes...nice idea. But I can't yet
because I need to keep on translating.

Well, I've met a friend and we've a litte chat after the
lunch. Nice pal.

Yesterday an aunt appeared at home. She looked awesome.
She was remade because she went through plastic surgery.
The day bagun cloudy but now it's sunny.

My little coker spaniel got injured. He has a cut in the
knee and tommorrow he will have to go to the Veterinarian
to get his leg sutured. Poor boy. Now he is at his house,

I need to send a paying ticket to my boss for him to pay me
for a translation. Yes, another sum of money for Jorge!
Tee-hee! :D

So, the day hasn't ended up yet, so maybe something nice
could happen.

Ou yeah, I remember now!

Today is My Bass Player's Birthday (Gonza) and the drummer
is preparing a secret birthday party! yeah! I have just
remember it!!! :D:D yeah!

I need to buy a bottle of wine, that
would be good (After all...I'll drink it, hahaha).

Yes, the rest of the day looks interesting. ñomi ñomi.

So that is nice...At least I have something to do at night
today. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I've seen some nice movies on TV.
-Terminator 3. No one like this one. Why? I donot know.
Maybe because Cameron wasn't there. I loved the movie. I
really enjoyed the open ended of the film. The persecution
with the truck is breathtaking. 20 minutes of pure action.
I watch this movie in the theaters whn it appeard. Krista
rules in her paper as TX. Claire Danes wonderful too.

-The Truman Show: Another magnificient movie. Jim Carrey
is a really good actor. And the whole concept is incredible.

-Meet Joe Black: Bradd Pitt playing "The Death". Excellent
movie. Claire rules in that movie.

Ok,...that's been all for now. Maybe tommorrow I spend
some more time telling you more about it. Stay tuned!

haha yeah!