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2004-12-26 20:26:29 (UTC) stuff

xmas wasnt 2 a digi camra an im goin cloths
shoppin wiv me mum as a prezzi!! :D

2day was abit shiter tho...was at my dads, was ment 2 go 2
me grans which wud av bin beta...i fort it wasnt goin 2
bad, we ad a masive snowball fite which was fun!...but mark
bein weird...hes been all down i duno y tho...i heard kathy
sey 'hes gon mad an he cant stay here if he keeps this up'
that was abit harsh!! i dont like him that much but thats
reli harsh! its her son!

...but wen we were in the the car my dad sed he wasn happy
wiv how me chris an alex had acted 2day!!...he sed we
werent helpin out enuf an that he dusnt like how we act we
kathy, aparently we dont answer her nicely we jus srug or
grunt...thats abit of bulshit cos i try so hard 2 b nice 2
her!! my best obviouly aint gud enuf!!...but neway were not
that bad an we did help out, im always askin if she needs
help!! i reli jus wanted 2 cry!! i did we i got in :(
i was alredy down! grrrr!...he sed if were not nicer an
beta behaved he jus wont invite us around nemore!!! that
was reli harsh even if we had bin like that ir was still
abit on top!!

erm...not much else happend reli...well not that i can b
arsed ritin!...jacks b-day 2mora!! awww he'll b 2!!! :D
that will b gud! hope i can go 2 fays 4 nu yr!! need
sumwher 2 stay!

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