2004-12-26 20:02:02 (UTC)

Brazil BBQ Buffet with family 26.12.04

Today sleep till 1pm, and Brother 諗住裝有線,d人已經comes to
home, but mum refused them to do so. Since we have to move
after new year ar... if we 裝有線 now, then once when we
moved, we have to give extra $300 to them ga la!! Brother 當
時係將軍澳玩抽獎工,when he phoned back home and knew mum
cancelled the cable, he is upset. (Of course la, he wanted
to watch soccer all the times, but he juz find an excuse
and said mum could keep check of the share by watching the
cable TV,haha!)

In the pm, just go to 西灣河嘉亨灣售樓處幫人拍照,今鋪好好賺, 有
成$400 per job, but only do 1 hour ar, so easy! 見到祝文君做
mc,我suddenly have a feeling that I want to be a singer or
famous guy, such that all the people would concentrate on
me! They would help me take photo all the times, and I
just have to set differest post, like a model, and make up
all the times! Instead of taking photo of other people ar!
hehe...就連阿pat都envious of me ar, find $$ so easy. 其實我都

Pat is poor, since Grace "pack" YJN for whole day to paly
ma jong with her friends all day, though Pat could come
company at 1pm, but he has no time to take rest and no 落場
時間,太過份la... Originally, want to find Pat to cc him, and
hug hug him in pm, and then join mum and BB in CWB, but I
cant see him now, and have to go back home instead of
shopping around on my own ar!!

When I back home, Yansy calls me and sees when she can
join us for dinner tonight, and she just stays at her
friends home after doing the project for a while, and join
us in CWB at later time.

I call back Phoebe, since she calls me last night coz she
wants to say "Merry Christmas" to me, but at that time,
she was being with Rimen, to c film together. And she just
told me that she think that I am the one who care the
relationship with Rimen more than Rimen does. Since Rimen
just pretend to call me in front of Phoebe, but at that
time, I didnt listen the phone, since I dont know what
attitude I should use toward her. And Rimen just told
Phoebe that I again didnt listen to her phone, so Phoebe
just think that Rimen was just acting in front of her. She
think that Rimen should not do in this way ga wor! Phoebe
wants me to be friend with Rimen again, but she also
thinks that if our relationship changed already, the
feeling towards each other is different from before, that
it is meaningless for us to come together again, 正所謂 ?勉
Yes,she is right.
I will meet her tmr to have tea and talk and cc each other
ar after I have the work as same today ar!!
Really happy that I have such kind of friend...

At night, mum,B,Yansy,Wah shop around in 卓悅 at CWB and
buy a netrogena face cream for mum, mum was delighted!
We then go to TST The Peninsula and took photo. Later on,
join brother and kit to eat in Brazil BBQ Buffet. Mum
thinks that we are wasting $$ and time to go TST and have
dinner at that late night time. But we continue to
pursuade her that it is worth for us to go there and do
this kind of "naive" thing ar, since we havent done be4
such that we should try new stuff ma, hehe...

In conclusion,I think mum is quite happy that we spend to
shop around with her,and having dinner with her at a far
place ar. But I can still feel that she is tired, not only
身體上的疲倦,but also身心上的疲倦 (may be she is thinking of
dad all the time ar!) Poor mum, not only she is, I am as
DADDY,.....we all miss u a lot ar.........
How are u now?....good ma......
Hope all is fine for u ar........

Pat still at YJN, dislike him to work too late in YJN,
since I dislike Robert, and dont like Pat lose anything to
him, since his heart is so ugly and disgusting ar!!!!

Hope Pat can take one mobile phone from his dad
successfully ar, and hope that mum would happy once when I
got the mobile phone. I dont want mum to be sad, but dont
know why I can think that mum dislike me to do so, why? or
she wants a new one? or she afraid the one Pat given is
too ugly? she doesnt want to 欠pat人情? Really dont know
why?? May be I am too sensitive la....mum should be happy

Really miss pat now, but dont know how is he now? (now 4am
la)....Today mum said that Jordan is really 好錫大姐since
everytime when he is at our home, he would always摸下大姐的
頭,又摸下佢的面,好温馨呀! Once when I heard of it, I am very
jeolous ar, since Pat long time didnt do in this way. 每次都
好似係我主動去錫佢,去抱他;每次take photo,都係我主動影他,不是佢主
左,先係咁係電話同我講"I love U", 佢好耐無咁樣對我了! Can he do
the same thing as well, can he make me feel happy all the
time, but not worry him all the time? Can he treat me the
similar way actively, but not passively??

I am eager him to do so, 我好憎佢成日講過的應承我的東西會唔記的,
話 "我都話咁嫁啦,不過你話唔好哎ma!" 其實我都好想你咁做,but 我知你

like 上次食完pizzahut at my home, I am suddenly angry with
him, really much, since He promised me to 請我地d兄弟姐妹吃
pizza, then I just transfer his saying to my brother and
little sisters, but later on, when we finished eating, he
邊個俾左$先,再俾番my brother呢? 咁what will my brother
think of him? A mean guy??

Like tonight, I wont tell mum first that pat would pay for
brazil buffet, even if he says so, I wont treat it is true
one, since - no expectation, no disppointment!
Even if he is willing to do so, I wont let him pay. If he
pays, I give the bill for him, he must forget again, and
later on, it is embarrassing for me to ask him pay back
money ar.我寧願自己俾仲好...唔好受人地咁多恩惠呀,老豆教的!

In the previous time, I always ask him to pay me back
money, but unsuccessfully, I dont want to do it again ar,
since it seems like I am a mean guy who chase him to get
back money all the times ar. But why he always forgets
that I am just a student, who dont have enough money to
spend ga la, why he cant think in this way? If he doesnt
give me money, how I can survive? I have to lend $ from my
brother, does he know it? I dont want to write anymore, I
want to cry!

He phoned me just now, 4:30am, he was upset since Robert
is a 賤人,though they work so late, Robert still ask them
who have to work early in the morning shift? He is a bull
shit, must kick his ass, and burn his house and kill his
family, and play magic over his head, ....I have to kill
him , kill Rimen, kill Steven,.......

Finally, kill pat, coz he is an idiot, I wont feel sorry
for him... wont ...wont... I wont share his
unhappiness...since he is stupid, foolish and bull shit as
well... dislike his stupid...

I am a stupid guy and bull shit as well, who easily get
angry and easily become happy...so, why dont I commit
suicide and leave this world ar....daddy, comes with u ba,
since u are lonely, I am loney as well, crying is no use,
but I am still crying now.....

why use this diary? no way to express my feeling ar..my
best friend leaves me.... my lover doesnt understand
me.....my families dont know me....I have to clarify my
deep deep feelings at my bottom of heart to myself ar.....

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