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2004-12-26 17:06:21 (UTC)

Day after Christmas and things are still crazy.

Well even after spending time with my wonderful crazy
family, whom I love very much, I now have to spend time
with my Husbands family.... and yes they are crazy too.
I swear though, Christmas is basicly for Kids. My kids so
far have gotten tons of stuff.
My son (he's almost 3) has gotten I don't know how many
toys and a bunch of them are Spider-Man and he got both
Spider-Man movies on DVD. I thought he was gonna have a
heart attack when he opend anything that was Spider-Man.
My daughter (she's 1 1/2) got all kinds of dolls at least
20 I could safly bet on. All her Barbie type ones, are
shoeless until she gets a little older. She also got Shrek
2 on DVD, but no Shrek. Couldn't find it in the stores at
all. But now that Christmas is over with, maybe we can find
And Grandparents are wonderful gift givers. I swear to God
they find the Loudest or Biggest gifts to give to the
grandkids. Well My mom slipped up and told me she was
getting the kids this blow up truck that's a ball pit. The
thing is pretty big! Now just so you guys know, I have a
sister who is 8 and loves music :::evil grining face goes
here::: well with how much I love my little sister I
couldn't resist getting her this keyboard and microphone
and it was only $20. so yeah I had to get it.
My mom just smiled at me and my husband (I noted she was
plotting revenge for next Christmas or the kids birthdays
to come), my father gave me the look of DEATH. I kid you
not I thought I was gonna be killed if he looked me any
longer than what he did.
So now I sit here just trying not to go crazy thinking
about what Christmas is gonna be like with My In-Laws and I
also have to go see the other half of my In-Laws in CT
still too.... Don't ya just love this time of year :::eyes
rolling here:::