My Unquiet Mind
2004-12-26 12:52:04 (UTC)

Post Christmas

Well, I managed to get through Christmas without any real
trauma. Actually it was quite pleasant. I spent time
with my mom, and we only got in to one real fight. I got
to see my grandfather and his evil wife, who forgot to get
me a Christmas present, but that's ok, I got cash instead.
In the afternoon, I got to spend time with my other family
(the people I live with, and their family), and then we
had Christmas at home. It was great. No stress, no
fighting, no having to pretend I'm someone I'm not. My
wonderful, sweet, amazing boyfriend bought me a beautiful
dress and earrings, and a besutiful keychain. He is
SOOOOOO sweet. Today I'll go to church, then have
Christmas with my mom's side of the family, which means
I'll get to see my baby cousin, which is cool because she
lives like 3 hours away, and I don't get to see her
often. Out of 10 cousins, there are only three girls, so
we tend to stick together. It's a great thing. Well,
time to face another day. Bring it on.


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