Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-10-09 14:05:39 (UTC)

awsome trend

i still feel like shit. i never kissed a guy befor, it's true!
Ive never kissed or made out wit a guy before. evory chance
i had i jus got shy and backed away. if i havent already
told u i'm 12.

Alex told me he tried to commit suicide 3 times and he wants to
again. he lost his virginity at 8 yrs old, i know thats weird but i
really dont care.

I'm al alone today in da house, both my parents are at
work and i dont hav school today because of some Jewish
Holiday. i'm not sure which one but i dont care cuz i dont
hav school. i like stayin alone in the house. it's fun. at
5:00 though my friends Yvett is gonna come over to borrow a
dress frome me. brb................ K, i'm back. I went
shopping wit my friend stephani yesterday. she's really
cool, i like her a lot. anyway, we went into Sephora wich
is a cosmetics store(verry expensive). they sell the
coolest makeup there, the best brands to. anyway Sephora
has there owen line of cosmetics too and they hav like
evory color of mascara andso me and steph are startin ore
owen thing. were gonna start warrin collored mascarra and
see what other people think of it, cuz right now no one
wares it, so steph bought a bright pink abd i bought a
bright turqoise mascarra. i wonder if people will ever
start warrin it? i think it's a coo; alternative to black
and browen, there so plain. these cool colors make ur eyes
look neat and bright. well...ima really bored now and i
dont feel like watchin tv imma go now, i might be back
sometime today, bb

current music- Ja Rule-"evory litle thing"