halerr it's meh..pearl
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2004-12-26 08:30:27 (UTC)

wattah christmas..

hay nko..pips!!! ang chritmas ngaun's sad, boring
enlhat na pde sbhin. der's many thins i have 2 adjust
2..lyk, my mom is...well, she's bc now...bc na i
understand un. pro...meron png pther things ehh...gaya nug
der's a guy..mhal dw nia ako...i mean..dba!!! how can u
love som1...through chat lng?? pde din...kso..impossible. i
don't believe kc in dat eehh... kya nga gs2 ko meron me
diary na online..pra i can voice-out and sna may mkarinig
skin...ehhehe gnun??? back 2 da issue..un nga yng guy na
un...i bliv nman na he's a gud guy...kso nangungulit na in. sbi ko frnds nlng
nia: "ok,...frnds nlng MUNA"...aaahhh prang may pg-asa pa
xa skin..eehh sbi ko nga...may mhal nko..

nweis, enough na of dat..bka may nkkbsa na n2. hhmm about a very frndly person. sometimes
serious..masayahin..baliw pag-
sinumpong tlga me..aahhh 2loi-2loi na un..iyak nko
evrynyt..uhhuuh. pro pg nantrip me..hehehe mnsan
naaawa..mnsan ndi. hhmmm sbi nla beauty dw meh..ehhe dnt
knw..u jugde!!! add me frndster if u have..
[email protected]

i hav no more 2 i tried 2 ba happy ds xmas..kng
hapi ang pipol around em...den im happy an din..
dats ol 4 now..gtg..nxt tym post ako ng mga qoutes..ehehe

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