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2004-12-26 05:22:36 (UTC)


well....lastnight was one of the most gut wrenching nights
of my life. my boyfriend was meant to call me but he
never did, no one had seen him all day and all anyone knew
was that he had been drinking spirits all day

i love and trust my boyfriend with all my heart but the
only two thoughts i had. is he got in a fight somewhere
and passed out or he got picked up by the cops.

i was worried sick

i couldnt concentrate nor could i zone out my head was
killing me. it got to midnight and i couldnt take it any
longer. i walked three and a half blocks away to his
house just to see if he was there. i had to know that he
was safe and that he was ok, i love my boyfriend dearly
and it nearly killed me not knowing if he was ok.

when i got to his place he seemed to be home so i just
walked home. i got home, my phone rang and it was him.

"Baby i been drinking all day, i am really blind right
now. i love you, why where you worried? you think im
cheating on you dont you? i love you baby. do you love
me? i love you baby. are you still coming around? i love
you, i miss you, i think im gonna be sick...bye"

he was totally drunk and made pretty much no sense to
me...i was worried sick still but i had to sleep. i knew
he wasnt cheating on me...he wouldnt dare. i love him with
everything that i am, i really think he may be the 'one'
but i dont wanna start to talk like that. with my run of
luck as soon as i said to him that i think he is
the 'one'he'd be like but i wanna break up with you.

oh well i need to sleep my body is aching and very tired.

love forever

a very lonely confused young lassie