inside a broken mind
2004-12-26 05:05:45 (UTC)

Christmas Day..

The last few days have been really intertaning. I'v seen
alot of things that I hadn't seen in quite awhile. In the
last entry I told you that my Brothers got drunk well my
brother Rick woke up with a huge cut on his nose and the
tip of it was black and blue. We were all laughing so hard
cuz no one knows how it got there. But im happy I got a
hella lot of money which I really need, but it's all cool.
Im excited cuz I found out my baby, my sister, and my
nephew Caleb are coming out sunday. I haven't seen them in
awhile. My sis says the Elijah is getting big now, but
when hasn't he been a big boy. I miss them loads. My
brother is still here so I haven't been out more then
twice this whole break. Im looking for a party for New
Years though. I dunno we still have time for that. Tonight
I cried though cuz my family was talking about how my
brother is leaving for Iraq soon. I hate thinking about
it. Well im going to bed. Long day.. Night.

...:Love, Britnie:...

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