The life of a Bisexual Female
2004-12-26 03:54:14 (UTC)

Adopting !@%*#!

Someone left a post to my last entry I guess... As for as
adopting goes... Its outta the question. I hae already
been down that heart breaking road and dont want to go
down it again!

My husband and I have suffered

on March 2,2001 a miscarriage at 2 months pregnant

on August 30,2002 our daughter was stillborn in my 6th
month of pregnancy

November 22,2003 our son Caden was born
on Jan 21,2004 he passed away from sids 1 day shy of
turning 2 months old.

And last but not lest we have also have had a failed
adoption this yr. We were going to adopt our married
friends baby ( they only got preggy so we could adopt the
baby) but in the 5th month of her pregnancy ( this
November 2004) they changed there mind and decied to keep
the baby.

So adopting is outta the question! I could never go
through that kind of heart ach again. It hurt so much to
put all my being into this baby to be told that they had
changed there mind and i will never put myslef through
that again.

For now my hubby and I are going to ttc again before he
deploys to Iraq and if we dont we will ttc again when he
gets back from Iraq in a yr and half.

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