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2004-12-25 16:05:58 (UTC)

RAYS WEEK 12/25/04 10:59 AM

FINALLY!!after a long week without my comp im on!!

SUNDAY-in the moring the church christmas play (i didnt go)
but later that nite was the spy christmas party!!it was soo
fun!!it wasnt snowing so we didnt
go sleading but we had soo much fun!!
MONDAY-SNOWDAY!!the only regret was that it did snow a day
earier(and that my annoy grama came over 4 beths bday) but
i went 2 the mall!!fun fun fun!!
TUSEDAY-back 2 skool not very exciting
WESDAY-Bethie bday!!and the band christmas party that was
soo fun!!exspeacially the dance off
THURSDAY-half day we watched the core in skool it was so
FRIDAY-CHRISTMAS EVE!!Jermay and Cassie came over