Ski's thoughts
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2004-12-25 14:42:07 (UTC)

It's funny!

It's funny how it almost depresses me when I am not with
him. He is my comfort zone!...Try as I may I cannot get off
of cloud nine!...All I ever wanted was locked love, and
with him, I feel as if I am safe, comforted, loved, and
locked to him and someone threw the key away!...All I want
is another hour, Another day, Another year, Another smile,
Another tear, another winter and a new summer too, All
becuz he pulled me through!...His touch is worth ten
thousand words, and when I try to say them I choke!...As I
watched him sleep the other night, I prayed that it would
last, For the peace that rested upon his face I'd never
seen in the past.As I watched him speek a while ago, I
hoped that he'd go on, for the way his words, they had no
end, his spirit seemed so strong. All of the words I've
writtin today, are as true as they can be, It's all to bad
all the love I feel noone is able to see!!!, Skylar

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