Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-12-25 05:59:37 (UTC)

twas the night, before

the night before x-mas

and all through the streets the noise of busy shoppers
creaming chanting and all regaled with cheer their conquests
of the �final sale� when slowly crept upon the scene the
merriment of boxing day dreams

with charge cards in hand and zero percent financing with
apr, the masses all danced around the tree, plucked for
$49.99, the lights a twinkling, the popcorn sewn streamers a
sitting, they sang all night

one couldn�t imagine the tiny footsteps of the small tater
tot, climbing out of bed, seeing mommy & daddy scarfing the
cookies and milk all laid out

when the man in red, jolly st nick, came a crashing through
the fireplace with his bag of tricks and his beard aflame
from the cruise altitude of 10,000 feet he lept upon the
scene with joyous gait, and plonked out the pressies