Lyrical Beauty
2004-12-25 03:10:00 (UTC)

Crazy Rap, lol

Paula's ma name
and teasing is ma game
i'm a beauty
a real tru cutie
u tink u sexy?
well i'm sexier
call me Ginger
the real lovley lap dancer
u like wat u see?
come holla at me
let me introduce my friends
they're different flavors
different blends
there's ma gurl janea
she also a tru player
she even pimps me
can u belive dat to be?
she ma pimp
i'm her hoe
and ima stop right here
cus dats all ur gonna kno
then there's chelsea
hmm....well lets see
she real cool
and damn she funny
Mike is lazy
and secretly crazy
but he's a sweetie
jus tryin to get a lady
then theirs my boy Shariff
just his name
rises the heat
these the best damn people
you could ever meet