Brittanys Thoughts
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2004-12-25 00:48:56 (UTC)

This is new lol

Yeah i just got this thing..got the idea from mattsons lol
anyways ya yesterday was such a good day..at 11 i went to
chris's house..n ..WOW his house is really nice lol we
hungout for a while played tag and stuff with his
brother..we played this game where me and his brother hid
and chris had to find us ..we went across the street in
these bushes so chris eventually gave up hahaha were so
good i love chris's lil brother hes so cool..he cussed
chris ou when he was 3 lol..theirs a pic of him on
mymyspace if ya wanna see .anyways ya so we had fun at his
house then i went to safeway and shopped for a while and
then right when i pulled up in my driveway ashley was
there with her brother on their bikes so then i changed
real fast and went to ride bikes to blockbuster with
them,we rented some movies n went back to her house and
watched like the 1st part of the first one and it was dumb
so we stoped...then we put in napolian dinomite omg that
was so dumb too lol whatever we watched it newayz and then
by the time that was over my mom had to pick me up ,we
went to the store n the day was practiclly over! very fun
though! and todays christmas eve n i did nothing but
tonight im going to my grandmas and my cousins gonna be
there!!:) she just moved and shes comming back to visit
and were gonna eat n open gifts! fun fun then tommorow
first thing in the morning were leaving for our cabin with
everyone! fun fun and ima go snowboarding!!! woo hoo lol
anyways ya that was a lot lol