*Mad World*.
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2004-12-24 22:02:15 (UTC)

My heart is cold, my sorrow is deep

I had the scariest dream about Adam Brunner last night. He
scared me before but now he really scares me. In my dream
we were talking on yahoo and all of a sudden he told me
that he wanted to finger me and put his long "hose" inside
of me and make me scream. And then I wouldn't talk to him
anymore and his mom called me and started yelling at me and
saying that I should go out with him, and she started
following me around town. It was so scary!! But then I
woke up so that was good.
Eric said he would call me today, and he didn't call and he
didn't call, so I thought that I would get on the internet
well of course there he was, but he didn't call me. So i
was mad about that. We haven't really talked since
Wednesday and when I had time to actually talk he was to
busy on the computer probably talking to Rosie and
Stephanie. Oh by the way, he went over to Ryans house
again last night, the only reason he goes over there is
because of Steph, which really makes me mad.
Last night him and Kyle went to Shopko to get me a
christmas present and he was all excited that he got me
one. And hes like OH OH can I come over and then you can
open it. I said well no and he got kinda mad cuz I didn't
want to open it. Well sheesh its not really a christmas
present if he had to buy it with his moms money and no
intention of paying her back. All I want for christmas is
for HIM to get a JOB.. But he doesnt understand that! I
dont know how many times I can tell him to get a job.. But
no, he never listens, someday hes gonna wish he would have
listened to me. Maybe I should just leave it alone..think

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