Charles Deason

My Blue Sky
2004-12-24 18:41:48 (UTC)

Christmas Eve... Love is back....

I may have... fallen in love with Diamond. I really
like her as a friend. And she may be feeling the same for
me as well. I know we both want a relationship, but I don't
want to rush into anything that might hurt me. But God
never gives me more than I can handle.
And as for Astrid... we've been spending time apart,
because I really needed that. She got so pissed at me
because I told her, I was thinking about taking my life to
end all the pain. I understand how she feels though. I
recentlt found out that I broke my promise after all... I
broke her heart several times. But its not entirely my
She just wasn't honest enough with me. Di on the other
hand, has had much experience with that sort of thing. She
told me of a tragic past, that she has behind her. And I
feel so sorry for her. Life is so unfair, and yet so
giving. That is not why I am attracted to her though. The
way she treats me, and tells me the things in her heart are
just so good to me. All in all, she makes me feel something
that... I really haven't felt in so long it seems. So
anyways, whatever happens happens. I'm going to do my best
to not get my heart broken again. well later