thoughts for me.
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2004-12-24 16:24:26 (UTC)

- Gift Exchange__

OMG yesterday was the best. First of all i went to
brittanys and we didnt really do anything until we went
sled riding. That was so much fun. I built this ramp that
she went off of and she landed on the street and flew
through the snow. I didn't even think that was possible.
But i guess it is. So anways after that all of our
came over A, Jess, Jenn, Chels, Molly, Britt, Me, Hannah,
Jamie, and Celeste. AFter we exchanged presents we went to
Cicis pizza where most of us at a ton well except for
Then we played games and i won a hawk ball okay wow.. and
a spongebob. Then we all got lil
charm bracelets and lots of charms that was so fun.. after
we went home to brittanys and just went crazy i beat Jess
so bad in air hockey cus im a psycho air hockey bitch..
haha that was so much fun. Then we listend to music and
just hung out. O my God jamie kept stripping and stuff and
Celeste made everyone feel her up it was so funny though i
was about to kill jamie cus she almost like sat on me

Tonight is Christmas Eve and i am going to go get ready to
go to my grandparents hopefully i'll be able to write

Song of the day _ hands down by dashboard confessional