Ski's thoughts
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2004-12-24 13:53:35 (UTC)

Being Punished

I am sick of being punished and being told what to do,
the devil made me do it, I cannot fight him, I always lose.
As you walk through the hallway of the eternally damned,
think of all the pain you see and what you'll never
See your reflection in the blood stained stream, Imagine
being torchered and noone hears your scream...
I keep hold of my depression and lock it deep in my
heart, so that when he comes to find me he'll never know
I've fallen apart.
he said, "I'd have everything, and maybe even more" that
all i had to do is open up his door.
Now I wonder why I done it, I should have never givin
him a chance, I'll tell you once, I'll tell you twice,
never say "yes" when he asks you to dance.