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2004-12-24 12:46:51 (UTC)

A submissive's poem

I read this today and thought of my pet. While I am not
her Master (I prefer Daddy anyways), I think this is how
she thinks.

My Lighthouse

How did I get here? Have I been gone that long?
The currents and tides tugging at me so strong…
I know I am lost; just cant find the shore….
Trying desperately to find what isnt there anymore.
Like a tempest I'm tossed, can't seem to hold on,
The tide sucks me back…..out to sea I am drawn….
Confused and alone, and I know I will drown,
Frantic, and struggling, but land can't be found.

Then what do I see, can it be true?
A dim light in the distance comes into view.
Blinking the water back out of my eyes,
I struggle to reach it, then He hears my cries.
He shines even brighter to help me to win,
He leads me and guides me, and helps me come in.

Exhausted and torn, I collapse at His feet;
He gathers me up in His loving arms sweet.
He holds me, comforts me, and time with me spends,
Encourages me to endure to the end

He lights my path daily as sweet life does glide,
My heart feels so happy with Him at my side.
I have never felt safer, so secure, or so warm,
Never felt so much love, so much peace from the storm.
Oh Master, you shine down on me from above…
Your light holds me, enfolds me, and fills me with love.

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