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2004-12-24 12:20:09 (UTC)

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." - Jimi Hendrix

Indeed it does Jimi.
So first entry ...
I've been meaning to get one of these things up for a
while now because i don't trust anyone enough to write
down my feelings on paper. maybe i have issues, but who
So, what a crazy week. My regional manager was sacked to
my disgust. It absolutely pisses me right off that
assholes can get away with bullshit. All i can say is
karma will bite back HARD. What i mean by this is, someone
from a store backstabbed the regional and eventually had
him sacked. Tell me, how can someone do this? Are people
devoid of all feelings these days?
If you ask me we are regressing rather than progressing.
Mankind seem to be getting more violent and emotionless
towards other people every day. I'm just so totally
utterly disgusted and disappointed.
Then, the manager at work faints at work. Needless to say
i had a heart attack! and now she's sick and i'm stuck
working all the damn time. Is it horrible that i really
feel like i'm being overworked while she's at home sick? I
mean, i know it's not really a holiday for her but while i
have to deal with the bullshit at work, she doesn't see
any of it and it's really stressing me out.
Speaking of work, i just want to scream at my employees. I
want to gather them all up in a room and just scream, so
maybe THEN can they understand how much they frustrate me.
I set simple rules so that the store can run efficiently
and i expect them to be met. Everyone knows them, and i
have told them numerous times. I am not going to be a
happy chappy at our next work meeting.

Choice of music at the moment: Avril Lavigne and Maroon 5.
Angry and mellow music.

Have a brilliant Christmas to all who read this. I really
do wish you all the best.

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