My Aphrodisiac
2004-12-24 06:19:44 (UTC)

Ain't this about a...

So, Fred's ass finally decides to call me. I didn't pick
up though. He left a message as though what? 3 days have
passed and this is my first time hearing from him. So, I
call him back or whatever. He picks up. We speak VERY
briefly and he tells me he's going to call me back. The
nigga ain't slick. It's another chick...probably his "ex"
takin' my damn place. And it's cool. I will survive!
Hello, I had already figured something. The question now
is do I let him know I know. Or... do I just brush it off?
The complications of life. Now I see why I ain't got no
man. Cuz none of these niggaz I'm fuccin' with are worth
my time. FUCC!!

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