The Next Level
2004-12-24 06:00:24 (UTC)

The Real World...

Sucks...When you're young and tell yourself you want to be
grown, grown folks around you try to tell you what "being
grown" is like and you confidently say, "i don't care".
Yeah, well, you'll start caring when you have to take care
of yourself. Enough bitching.

My dad passed away 23 days ago and the mental part is still
pretty raw. This grieving stuff is not cool, but it's part
of the life levels we all have to step through. I really
miss talking to him and learning from him. It's been a
priviledge to be his daughter. Sorry it was perfect, but
this is God's plan. We're not supposed to be perfect.

Now I really have to step-up my game and I haven't a clue
what the rules are anymore. Maybe I'll just make my own
rules. But I want my kids to have the same kind of life I
had with my dad. Just for them to know how blessed they
really are.

Well, tired and ready for this Christmas to be over.
Couldn't get everybody that cool gift like I've always
wanted. But, we're still pushing.