My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
2004-12-24 01:50:29 (UTC)

i EvEn FeLL fOr ThE sTuPiD lOvE sOnG

I just really hit my head on the stupid bed very hard.
Okay, I've watched The Princess Diaries 2 for the 90th time
now. You can't help but just love the movie. I didn't know
the Breakaway song by Kelly Clarkson was part of the movie
though or made for the movie. It has the video on the Dvd
and everything. Very cool! I kinda think Kelly's getting a
little heavy though. Not cool! Me and Mel were singing
along to her new song. "Since You Been Gone" It's one of
those songs you can scream really loud. Plus you can ADD
shit to it. Like "Since you been gone my nerves arent
screwed up!" Hey, I'm still going to drive a car into a
pool like Britney did in her Prerogative video. When I get
my new car I'm so doing it to the truck. Now we just gotta
find a pool.

OMG if you're driving out today you're crazy. Me and mom
went to Walmart for my last night shopping and oh god it
was so crazy!!!! I got Scott earlier this pillow thing at
Walmart. Those really squishy ones because he actually
asked me for one. But I wasn't just going to spend $10 on
him. LoL I went to Hastings and bought him this Xbox
controler that was $40. It blows air out of it and its
cordless. I thought it looked pretty cool. I wanted to get
him a game, but it's hard to get him one because I have no
clue what he has or what he's getting. Kim said he was
getting 8 new xbox games this year, trampoline, some new
game console, and all kinds of shit. he had a GOOD xmas! we
just gotta figure out how to put together that trampoline
behind his back! LoL Josie is 1 and she got I know at least
a tv. I got her one of these disco ball thingys. Jenna
already knows she got a movie, but I'm not saying which
one. LoL She'll like it. I love that movie! That's mainly
what I bought. The other night I spent over $30 and tonight
I spent almost $200. I'm done!!! I mean c'mon I hadnt
gotten anything for my mom yet so since I was with her I
told her to pick something out so she got these brand new
cooking pans and that was $34 and plus I ended up buying
her a movie that was almost $20 lol I pretty much spent $50
on her alone! Plus Scott I spent $50 on him. Hey if I love
ya I will buy some shit for ya! Hell I'm drunk by the way!
I even had bought Kelly something. I have no idea what I'm
going to do with that though. I guess keep it. LoL Jenna
won't take it neither will Sarah. They won't take gifts
that weren't meant for them. I don't blame them. My Mardi
beads will be in soon. I ordered over 8lbs of them. Plus I
ordered 8 dozen along with the other order. I can't
wait!!!! Anyways, I'm about to go party so holla later?? Oh
of course! PeAcE!

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