Miss Thang

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2004-12-24 01:22:37 (UTC)

i hate the fucken festive season.........

Today is christmas eve JOY!!!! I hate the fucken festive
season. Adam has gone away to Mackay for a week, I have to
go to my parents tonight and i'm so tired and sick of
working but i have to work chrissy and boxing day as well
as the holidays then i finally get a day off woohoo!!!!! I
can't wait.

I'm so not looking forward to going to my parents tonight.
Mums is going to be on my case the minute that i get there
i can just sense it now....Why does she do it??? i mean i
am her daughter and yet she still conitues to put on shit
on me constantly. and she wonders why none of us kids go
and visit her??!!!! its because we can't put up with the
constant down gradings she gives us all all the time.... i
mean i have never once heard her turn to me and say i'm so
proud of you teegan, she says it everyone else so she looks
like the perfect caring mother but once just once has she
ever thought that us kids would actually like to hear her
say it to us???? she drives me freakin insane!!!!

on another note i'm really worried about eryn. i read her
diary and i'm like ok i hope i'm not one of the people that
are pushing her. i don't want anything to happen to her.
shes my girl.... i would cutr off my left fucken arm to
save that gurl.

adamis still away...... i miss him lot and i still have
like another seven days until i can see him again *sighs*
at least i can spend new years with him seeing ican't spend
chrissy with him..... got to go i have to work for once it
is actually busy!!!!

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