lonely guy

lonely guy
2004-12-24 00:49:10 (UTC)


Ok. ive been at home all day and this is really fucking
boring. i just got done reading my best friends diary. Um.
it was basically about me. but i had to let her read mine
for me to read hers. She wants to know if im having second
thoughts about breaking up with my g/f...well...yeah..i am.
but isnt that normal. i mean, you cant just be with someone
after almost a year and then break up with them and then
just be fine with it...can you? i mean, i really did care
for her. you know? but yet again, i really do care about
the person who ive been thinking about lately. She's been
one of my really good friends for a long ass time. and we
really get along. like....i dunno. when i feel asleep
holding her. it just felt right.
Arg. why does this have to be so hard? why cant i just fast
forward 5 years and see how my life is and how im doing and
who im with...erg...welp...gonna go for now.