When RheaSunshine Speaks
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2004-12-23 21:34:03 (UTC)

First Entry

Crazy the things we do to make ourselves write. I have
been wanting to post a diary for as long as I can
remember, knowing full well that if nothing else, I need
to write daily to get things off my chest. Now I will be
forced to create an entry at least every two days. I need
that motivation.

I'm not a poet
I'm just a woman with a lot on her mind
And when I write it down
It tends to rhyme
Touch hearts
And change lives.
I look up to poets
They have an ability to create nothing
Out of something
Spin it into a metaphor
And make you laugh
About things that should make you cry.
And I, I just don't do that
I look around and see the world
For what it is
Evaluate how it makes me feel
Get real
And put it on paper.
I used to envy the ability others had
To write about stuff that they could
Care less about
But now I am glad that my heart
Is written on paper
Ecstatic that I can share
Emotions given by God
With the world through the blood
Of my pen
And although I may never be a poet
I write
And sometimes that is enough
To open a mind
And flow through it!

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