My Unquiet Mind
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2004-12-23 21:32:59 (UTC)

Welcome to My World

This is the world I live in. I am 18. I moved out of an
abusive home at age 15, and was talked into moving back in
and out repeatedly over the last 4 years. I got in to a
lot of trouble with the friends I made in High School
during my freshman and sophomore years. When I wasn't
living at home I was living with my grandmother who is not
a very agreeable person. Last April, I was hospitalized
for an emotional breakdown, and eventually diagnosed with
bipolar disorder. I was putinto counceling, and therapy,
and put on a pharmacy full of pills. Life was notgood at
home, if you could even call it that, and I was miserable
and suicidal through the rest of thespring and the
beginning of the summer. Then I went to a couple of
summer camps that really were emotionally uplifting. I
made good friends, the kind that weren't going to get me
in trouble, and I learned a lot about myself. Then the
end of summer came and things started going sour again at
home. I became depressed again, and wanted only to get
out of my grandmothers house forever, even if it meant
dying to do so. But then hope came. Last September, a
month before my 18th birthday, I moved out of my
grandmother's house, and in to a home with a wonderful
family. I turned 18 and was baptized into their church,
and started doing better in school. So now you'd think my
life would be a bed of roses now, right. Chuckle, snort,
guffaw. I am dealing with a lot of issues with my
illness, and my medications, and a lot of tension from my
family, who really didn't want me to move out, and now
they think I hate them, which is totally untrue, but they
believe it, and now with Christmas coming, things are so
busy, and I don't seem to have the control over my life
that I would like to have, and it's all just one crazy
madhouse of insanity.
Welcome to my world.

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