Rev. Twitch

Rev. Twitch
2004-12-23 21:08:58 (UTC)

Holiday Spirits (BOO)

Well here we are, safe in our new home, awaiting the
insanity of "The Holidays".
Our gifts are wrapped and our hearts are trying their
damndest to stay happy in the wake of "The Turning". This
is when the government formerly known as the United States
of America are officially changed to the Christian Republic
of Amerikkka. Job security is a thing of the past. Better
do it cheaper and more cost effectively than before! I'm
pretty sure the conversation started something like "You
know what the problem with this country is? Not enough
destitutes! Not enough people willing to break their backs
for $5 a week! People aren't satisfied with just barely
enough any more! They've grown lazy! So I say lets give
the jobs to people who are...more appreciative of our
luxurious charity!" So they take a run for the border.
Well that's just the cost of doing business I guess. No
wonder I feel guilty for not spending enough every
Christmas. My place as an upstanding member of the
Community is predicated by how far in debt I am. So how
must I feel about the millions of children caught in
Victorian Novels in India, Mexico, and New Jersey? 'Tis a
complicated time in history indeed.