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2004-12-23 18:58:51 (UTC)

Dang, missed her.

First, my pet can use my name, she has permission for that.

Dang it, I had to go on an airport run for the woman who
was suppose to show up two days ago..guess what? She
didn't show again!...bitch. anyways, turns out I left the
messenger on. She left some messages but I don't like
making her think I am ignoring her. I read her diary entry
and I agree that we are getting serious kinda fast..I look
at it a little differently cause we talk for hours each
day. We write via the diaries and just basicly been in
near constant contact. It's fast but the distance helps
from it getting out of hand. The main thing is me keeping
in check and not going way too fast. Least I won't be
collaring and putting a ring on her finger anytime soon. I
rushed once before and it was a disaster...(but she is
still my pet :)

and we will have the clover clamps, it's one of my
favorite tools to use on my pet ;) and I'm more of a
flogger and bare hand user than a paddle. Paddles to me
are less..personal. I prefer to use my hand to redden your
ass then use a fur glove over the skin. I'm glad you got if I could just get some lol. I can when I'm in
Thailand. I don't think I laid the whole schedual when I
am done here to her. See, if you stay out of the USA 330
days out of 365, you get a HUGE tax break..meaning I get
about 25,000 back. I arrived in the begining of Feb this
year and I spend like 20 days at home. I want to be sure I
got the 330 so when I am done here Jan 19, I'm flying
somewhere cheep, Thailand. Now, I went to Thailand on my
first R&R, it's where I got the tatoo..but this one is
strictly to be somewhere cheep and out of the USA...I'm
not sure if I want to enjoy the nightlife there this time.
Before I started to talk to mary, it was like I am going
to end my time with an orgy or something..but I'm more
interested in being with mary and letting lose on her so
to speak than with a Thai bargirl. Anyways, around Feb 4
I'll fly home for good..and I think I'll be making a
beeline right to my pet..part of me wants to slow down
with her, another part wants to pick out the wedding
ring :P..don't get scared there..the ring part is like
waaaaayyy in the back.

I'm going to do this right my pet :)

now go on and enjoy danny and enjoy yourself

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