Its My Life
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2004-12-23 15:06:40 (UTC)


Lately has been the same thing.. same people, same places
but im not complaining because its been great! I love the
new people I been chillin with. Well heres how it all
started... Last Thursday me Lindsey and Jackie went to the
mall after school and we ran into Scottie then we went
walking around with him untill we met up with Jason and
Everon then all 6 of us was just talkin and shit then we
fuckin see Chris Devon and Charles which I never really
liked because they like to bring up the past well anyways
we were all getting along and shit which suprised the fuck
outta me because we DONT get along then we all did a phone
number exchange and we all started calling each other. Well
on Monday Devon Chris and Charles was suppossed to come
pick me Lindsey and Jackie up but Devon had to do a bunch
of shit for his brother so we just went to the mall and
they met us up there.. it was fun, there pretty cool guys.
Well that evening I was talking to Lindsey and she likes
Everon and they def. "hooked up" get it girl, get it lol
well the next day (Tuesday) me and Jackie went to Lindseys
crib and chilled then Scottie Everon Markus Dominique and
Jerry came over and we all skraight chilled (played mario).
Well we wanted to go to Wallmart so Lindseys fucking cool
ass mom gave us the keys and let us drive to Wallmart.
Markus was flaggin so him Dominique and Jerry left but
owell they was no fun anyways. So they took me back to
Lindseys crib so I could help her mom out while they went
to go pick up Chris Devon and Charles and when they all got
back the fun began. It started off by me watchin B.E.T then
we all started goofing around then Chris Scottie Charles
and Everon wanted to play strip uno so it was them Vs.
Jackie nd Lindsey and me and Devon just watched and I
helped the girl cheat!! After sKrip uno we all fuckin
willed out.. running aroung, wrestling, yelling, the guys
trying to get some, but it was fucking cool ass hell. Well
yesterday Scottie Markus and Everon came over and again
Markus was flaggin and left so we walked to Lindseys and on
the walk there ma and Scottie called Devon and told them to
come over so they did and we chilled, looked at gunz online
(me nd Devon) and then we hopped in the van and went to
McDonalds which was so fuckin fun but the guys really dont
need to be singing just joshen lol well we came back I
gotta massage.. thank you.. the jits and Charles was
watchin porn EWWW then Devon drove me to tha store so I
could get gum and about an hour later me and Jackie had to
go home so Scottie and Everon and Lindsey brought us home.
Later that night I got to talk to my babey which made me
very happy, he always says the right stuff! Now today I
aint doin nothing because my prents are fuckin FLAGGIN i
hate em!! Ill update later!
xo Ashley