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2004-12-23 14:04:35 (UTC)

My Family

I grew up raised by my grandparents, i saw my parents
sometimes. Then i ended up living with my mom in Clermont,
she married a guy named Tim. We lived together for about 5-
6 years, the best years of my life. My mom got drunk one
night and they got in a fight, she wanted him out of her
house. The cops came and saw that my mom was intoxicated,
and took her to jail. They got a divorce and my mom met a
fucked up guy named John, who was like fuckin 10xs younger
than my mom. He has a crack head bum, i hated that bitch. mom and him did not pay the bills or
anything, we had no water, lights, heat or air
conditoning. So i started living with my neigbor which was
my best friend, they took good care of me. Then i told my
mom fuck this i'm going to live with my grandparents, she
was pissed. So my grandparents came to pick me up, and
took me to a skool in Franklin called Needham, I was in
the 4th grade at that time. While i was down here i got to
see the real side of my dad. I knew he drunk but i didn't
know that he hits my step-mom Ruth. Growing up seeing this
and hearing his verbal abuse towards me, later gave me
depression. It has worsend i have to take 100miligrams of
zoloft everyday now. About 4moths ago i was raped then put
in another mental instution which is Comunity North. And
about 2weeks before that i had just got out of a mental
institution which is Vallea Vista, which sucked ass. PLUS
i just got kicked out of skool for haveing some pills....
some fucked up life huh?