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2004-12-23 02:52:38 (UTC)

Day 1 - the big brother house opens for the first time...

Hi, my name is Steven,i prefer ste, i am writing this
because i am bored and i got the link for it off a close

I am 18 years old and i live in warrington, orford with my
step-dad and my mother, i have 1 step-brother, 1 half-
sister and 3 step-sisters, my half sister lives in chester
and the rest of my siblings live with my father in runcorn.

Anyway this close friend of mine, her name is steph, she
is 17 on tuesday the 28th and i am in love with her, thing
is she doesnt know wether to love me or not.

well, that was day 1, i suppose i could update it, but who
cares, you just want my stories because there are so
amazing. :):)

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