My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2004-12-23 02:23:37 (UTC)

YoU bEtTeR wAtCh OuT yOu BeTtEr NoT cRy YoU bEtTeR nOt PoUt...

Cuz Santa be comin' up in the crib soon! Omg look at the
weather! It better be okay to drive in by tomorrow night.
LoL I'm suppose to be going to Wally world around the AM
hours on xmas eve to finish shopping!!! Okay, I've been
listening to this Christmas cd I made. Don't you love the
songs though? Something about it! I guess everyone knows
the words and all. LoL Here's a few of my favorites that
are infact on the cd.

Little Drummer Boy -Jessica and Ashlee Simpson
All I Want For Xmas -Mariah Carey
O Holy Night -Martina McBride
Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer -Ray Stevens
Jingle Bell Rock -Hilary Duff
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town- Hilary Duff
Redneck 12 Days of Christmas -Jeff Foxworthy
Carol Of The Bells -Trans Siberian Orchestra

That's just to name a few! I can't wait!! I just hope the
weather is okay enough for me to finish shopping. I can't
wait for my Mardi Gras beads to come in. I ordered 8 lbs
and then turned around and ordered 8 dozen more. It's going
to be a Mardi Gras New Years to remember! LoL

How's work? Well it really sucks. I won't lie to you about
that. Larry will not stop hitting on me. He has 8 friggin
grandkids! He keeps telling me he would love to "kick it"
with me. Anyhow, he's not the one I'm all worried about.
New Years I'll be around Jared or Jerry. Which ever one you
want to call him. He left me an e-mail asking me what time
I was going to be at Cynt's house and all. Sarah is so my
air bag for the night. She'll protect me. I just don't
wanna screw up yet again with him. I said I was finished
last time and I mean it this time. But..there's no harm in
fucking is there? NO! Don't even think that Denise! Last
time I did that I had a pregnant scare. The last thing I
want is Jared's genes in my body! Plus, he's 35! What am I
think or what have I been thinking, but...omg! I do love
him. I've been IN love with the damn man since I met him in
2002! Just the things he's told me over the years. He even
said something last time I was with him. I want to make
those things go out of my head, but I just can't. I know it
wouldn't ever work out because aren't you suppose to be
happy when you're in love with someone? Well, I've never
been happy that I was in love with him. I would be more
happy if I didn't love him.

LoL I'm moving to Sydney, Aust! Might as well! I really do
have the power to do so. I don't have any kids and I'm in
no relationship. I'd just be very home sick missing my
friends and such. 'Tina was talking about this world tour
she's going to go on in 2006. I so wanna go. Can I borrow
$3000? I have a whole year at least to save up for it. LoL
I wanna do it. I MIGHT do it! I just want to go to the
countries and get some good weed and drink some of that
crazy green stuff. You know the type where you see little
green fairies. LmAo! Jenna knows what I'm talking about!
But on that note I gotta get ready for my last night of
work before my 4 day weekend! Party up and since it's ho ho
ho season! HO IT UP!

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