Confessions of a troubled pre-teen
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2004-12-23 00:53:55 (UTC)

I nevr realised!

I nevr realised how much evryone else is sooo fucked up I
mean seriously evryone is depressed, mad, sad or lonely!!!
Ppl have soooooo many problems its crazy. Ppl say that
their sexuality is 2 hard 2 deal wit but is it seriously
that bad? I mean realy so wat if like guys or girls. Ppl
shudnt be so predujist or watevr coz it makes evryone so
scared 2 even say something wen there is not even a
and nobody cares!

But then again wat if there really is a problem and ppl r
sooooo one-eyed that they cant think outside the square
broaden their mind as well as opening it up 2 all the
Is life really that bad 4 sum ppl?

Racisim is another thing. Sum black/asian/arabic etc etc
ppl r way prettier/sexier/smarter than white ppl. So
seriously stop criticising others and take a long hard
at your self. But then its not only white ppl that r
and some black/asian/arabic etc etc ppl r just as racist
mayb even more. In sum countries a white person wud have 2
stay indoors or covr their faces and skin with
cloths/clothes 4 if they r seen they will be killed.

Bitching and bullying and cliques r all words that I hate.
I hate the fact that just coz someone cant afford the rite
clothes or doesnt have the same taste as the majority they
r teased and picked on. It really pisses me off!!!!!!!!!

So fuck all the ppl who think like this and yur perfect
lifestyles coz u r the real scum.

Religion is all so full of ridiculos ppl. I mean in
Australia kindergardens now cant even have a nativity play
( which I must admit I thuroughly enjoyed bak in kindy)
because the kids ( meaning the parents) of other religions
say it is hurtful 2 them! Well u dont see us going 2 were
evr there from and banning their religions coz its just
ours!!!! Grow-up and get a global veiw adults u r supposed
2 be wiser yet u r the ones causing all the fuss!

G2G Georgia

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