2004-12-22 22:56:49 (UTC)

Trip to the Oregon Coast

It was wonderful! Restful, beautiful scenery, and terrific
weather. We considered staying at one of those resort
motels but instead decided on the motel we'd stayed in years
ago one summer when the boys were all small and we had such
a wonderful time in the pool. We ate dinner at a restaurant
in Florence which serves delicious seafood and it too
brought back memories of a dinner we had there when the boys
were small.

There were few tourists and traffic was light. We were one
of three people in the restaurant when we ate dinner, all
decorated for Christmas, and the only ones who were
tourists. We went through Corvallis and went to Newport
first, checked out used book stores and second-hand shops,
something we spent much of our free time doing when we were
first married. John stopped at every quilt store we saw
between Newport and Florence and I had a great time looking
at fabric and patterns not available in stores in the
Valley. We found the tiny little cabin on the beach near
Yachats where we stayed for a week one summer with all four
boys and were surprised to see it still there. The Coast is
not the way it used to be; much of it is built up and there
are more tourist type attractions although many of the
little towns in the Coast Range like Burnt Woods and
Eddyville haven't seemed to change much in the past forty

It was also wonderful to come home again and I was happy to
see the house and my youngest son looking just about the
same as when we'd left. I'm doing laundry now and starting
dinner and John's started a fire in the fireplace as it's
supposed to get into the low 20's tonight. He's gone to
Corvallis to get Gavin who'll be here through Sunday. On
Friday morning we'll need to pick up Owen who'll be
returning from his trip to Seattle. I plan on having our
Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve Day and then take it easy
on the week-end. John returns to work Monday.

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