Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2004-12-22 21:04:31 (UTC)


This Goes out to my best Friend, and She knows who She is!
Do you want to come?
So take my hand.
Trust me. It’s okay.
I’ll save you from the sinking sand.
So take my hand.
Trust me.
I will always be here for you
Cry on my shoulder
It’s okay. Trust me. It’s okay.
I’ll never let you go. Fall back on me
I will catch you.
Trust me. Just trust me.

Don’t you want to go?
To a place where everything will be alright?
Do you want a place to go?
Where I can be here for you day and night?

Do you want a place of comfort?
Fall into my arms and rest
For tomorrow will be long and hard
Trust me. It’s okay.
For a place of comfort
You can find in my arms.
And a voice will tell you that
Everything will be alright.
Just trust me. Cuz I trusted you.
So please trust me. I am here for you.

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