void deck
2004-12-22 20:08:06 (UTC)

midnight rambling

Sometimes I wonder why some people can be so fake. I
always thought people become friends because circumstances
somehow bring them together. You don't approach a stranger
and introduce yourself and expect that you two are friends

That is why I am pissed with this guy I don't even know.
Let's call him A. So one day, out of nowhere and without
any warning, A called me. He claimed to be a friend of my
bestfriend. Said that he was going to NUS for his post-
grad study so he thought I might give him some background
information. Ok, I am fine with that.

The conversation carried on, mostly one-sided. Forced to
hear all the ramblings about his 'planned' future, his
hobbies, etc etc... This is one spoiled rich brat whose
concerns are himself, himself and himself. And the way he
talk about girls... I don't know why but I don't sense any
sincerity in his tone.

Afterwards, I asked my bestfriend about this guy. It turns
out that she also does not know him personally and he is
actually a primary school friend of our mutual friend.

Yeah, bottomline is I don't think I am going to be friends
with this person. Sudden approach just does not work, in
my opinion. I don't believe in it.

Dad's flight is on in 4.5 hours time. Glad that he gets to
visit China. Has always known how much he wants to go
there. It's like home-coming.