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2004-12-22 17:46:02 (UTC)

Snow is Fun

I never actually thought i'd go out in the snow and
actually go sledding AND snowboarding! I usually hate the
snow WITH A PASSION but yesturday i actually had fun.
Sean and I went sledding and snowboarding with Joey over
at forest park. At first i kinda freaked out about it
because the last time i did anything out in the snow was
like 4 years ago. But once i tried it and didn't actually
hurt myself...badly, i kinda liked it. Snowboarding was a
whole other story. I just couldn't get it. I kept falling
on my ass over and over again. Even on the little baby
hill. I think i made it like 15 or 20 feet before i
finally fell. At one point i completely fell onto my head
and twisted up my body like a preztel. Thats when i gave
up. But you know what, i'm actually glad i went because
now i can say that i went snowboarding and yes, i am going
to try it again even if it kills me...well...not if it
kills me cuz, uh, that could really happen, lol. But you
get my point. Sean was awesome at snowboarding. He made it
look so easy. I just wanted to keep watching him cuz here
were all these people there crashing on their snowboards
and not getting it (including me) and then i see my Sean,
looking oh so incredibly hot on his snowboard, and i just
kept thinking to myself, yep he's mine. That's my Sean.
Lol. You can see how crazy i am about him. I just hope
that he can see it too.
So yeah, today i think is just going to be my
relaxing/cleaning day. Wanna know why? Sean works today,
lol, thats why. No fun. So today i am just going to clean
my room up a little bit and sit and relax and catch up on
my reading. yep, thats my day today. Lol, so yeah, i guess
i'm gonna go now. Bye Bye!!


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