the cheese drawer
2004-12-22 06:42:41 (UTC)


I'm bored. I started playing a new video game yesterday
and I think I'm about half way through it already.
Pretty sad, huh?
Well, I haven't talked to melissa in a while. I think
she's till grounded. She wasn't there when I called
today, but I'm trying not to think about it too much so I
don't get paranoid.
Anyway, since my dumb nazi friend almost requested it, I
will talk about sex (Damn nazi).
My first time was sometime in may of this year. It was
with my 3rd girlfriend. It was about a week after we
started going out. About five or so days after she
cheated on me(messed up story, I'll save it for next
I'm talking to her at the end of the school day and she
asks me to stay for the baseball game(her bestfriend's bf
is on the team). So I call my parents and ask if I can
stay. They say yes(surprise, surprise). So we sit in her
friend's bf's car while her friend sits outside cheering
on her bf. Don't worry, the car wasn't tinted. And I
wouldn't do anything in a parking lot at school in broad
daylight anyway. We just layed in the back talking some.
After a while her friend comes in the car and we all get
out and sit in the grass talking a little bit. Mostly me
and my gf were just flirting. It moved beyond just spoken
flirting into more physical stuff. We were messing around
with a can of soda. She sprayed me with some and I took
it from her or some shit like that. I can't exactly
remember this part too clearly. It was May. I remember
the rest clearly though.
We went back to her best frined's bf's house to hang out
before I had to go home. I knew what she had in mind
before she finished asking me to go to his house.
Anyway, we wnt to his house. My gf and I sat in a chair
knida making out some while her best frined and her bf
were on his bed making out.
After a while we ended up on the floor. Ahe asked me if I
wanted to and I said yes. So we started to go at it while
her best friend and her bf went at it on the bed. No, you
sick fucks, it didn't turn into an orgy. That's too much
for my first time. Ok. So we wnt at it for a while then
I went home. I was really nervous my first time so it
wasn't that great.
At least, that's the excuse I told myself at the time. A
week or so later, at the same house, guess what? Yeah, we
were at it again. We went for about an hour and still no
finish again. That time I told myself it was the rubber.
But she ended up dumping me a little while after that. We
went out for three weeks total.
My current gf and I have been together for about 1 week
and 1 day. We haven't done anything like that. I don't
want to for a while at least. I don't want to ruin
anything with sex. I don't even like it that much. It
doesn't really do anything for me. But whatever.
So tune in next time for the fucked up story I promised

Later nubs.

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