Me`o Gia`

Diary of Meo` gia`
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2004-12-22 04:53:56 (UTC)

Knorr, my friend

It's 8am .. Meogia wakes up. feel sore
throad..hic..not good. So as usually, it turn on the
computer first. Check mail and oh, there is a friend
online : Knorr.

Chatting with Knorr always make it happy. hehe, she is
quite lovely. She seems to be obedient. It remember when
it was in 11 grade. She often chat and kid with it in
class ..hehe...Everything was so naive. They have smiled a
lot. One day, she gave it a paper crain, and she wrote " I
love you " inside. It was so surprised because everyone
knew that it is in love at that time with other gal.
Anyway, it always considers her a very special friend.
She 's good to it too.

But everything is not always like that. After is broke up
with its gf, it was so sad, so lonely..and It though to
felt in love with her..and when she came back from UK, She
and it seem to be a couple. But maybe deep inside, it cant
forget the first love... They haved kiss, have been out
together. Her family knew about it, some close friends
knew about it..but.. it often thinks abt the first
love..and it felt so sin..but it can not give her all the
best anyway it always wants to be good to her..

After a few days, it went to Singapore for study.It missed
its family so much, it missed her..and the other gal too.
In the first time in Sing..It knew that everything will be
better if they were friends only,but it maybe hurt her so
much..It want to say sorry to her.

And she ultimately knew that it often thought of the first
love. It knew she was so sad, so be hurt..sorry gal, it
can not control itsefl..It was so selfish... sorry ..

And then as time goes by, it and her become friends as
usually. Everything may be good again. It wants her to
smile, to be happy..and it is always her good friend.