my so called life
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2004-12-22 00:57:26 (UTC)

barfing over a "delicacy"

at tyrone mall last friday me and matt and our moms and little
syblings were eating lunch in the food court. ii had this chicken
sandwich from chic-fil-a, well this proved fatal. lemme explain:
i had just got done eating and me and matt were conversing over
this giant zit i had on my cheek. he said he was going to suck it
outa my face with his straw. we were descusing how zit juice could
be a delicacy. well my mom walked over and asked "whats a
delicacy?" and matt started luaghing as i was taking a drink of my
ice tea. this in turn made me luagh. i started chocking on my drink
and tried to spit it out or swallow it one and couldnt becuase i was
luaghing and chocking at the same time. before i knew it i was
barfing all over the table and floor and the kids at the gothic table
next to us was looking, the old couple on the other side of us
moved away. ( i can see how it would disturb their lunch) matt was
luaghing at me and didnt even hold my hair back!! he just stood
there luaghing and pointing!!!! but surprisingly, i wasnt embarresed
at all!

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