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2004-12-21 22:43:38 (UTC)

12-21 4:41 pm

today was blah- 2 tests- blah! but tomorrow i get to skip
to hang out with banana pants! (anna) she wanted to
pick me up last night and STEAL ME but i wouldn't let
her muahaha either anna or ashley lied to me
yesterday and today! did you pet the dog or not?! get to
skip quitar tonight! yay! donno what ima do with all this
free time! whoooo! ima leave this one website up with a
shirt i want on it so when my mom gets on she'll see it!
:-D it's weird cause the website is .. . .
. . STRANGE i know! i have a test on shoes tomorrow!
too bad i won't be there! i have 3 tests tomorrow!
muahaha well gotta go do something.... night folks

(this took me 2 minutes to write te-he! )

- palmer