All the big things...instead of the smal
2004-12-21 07:59:42 (UTC)

perfect goes to waste

Everything was so great i could perfect. I became
friends wit this tat artist and didnt want to tell roy cuz
i knew he would get pissed well he found out, Dood coughed
while i was on the phone wit him. Ya thanks
anyways ever since that night we arent so perfect anymore
he calls me a liar and a sneak. He thinks i still talk to
wes to. I sence a lil jelousy now from him. I busted myself
out all last night telling him i love his to death how he
means the world to me and now he jsut treats me like shit
and that i wish shit could be like it used to be. I have no
friends anymore.
=Kate i dumped cuz i knew she was drama.
=James is fucking annoying.
=Niecey just never calls anymore just when she wants
=Wes broke my heart and went back to that bitch heather.
=Jason got scared away from roy
=Roy being a dick

Leaves me by myself..which really sucks. I dont want to be
depressed again...but i feel it coming on again.


very sad.