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2004-12-21 06:47:54 (UTC)

Books! Books! Books!

21/12/2004 Tuesday

Mum gave me Australia Dollar 200, commanded me to go to
the money changer there & changed to Singapore Dollar. I
got to use this money to buy my books today.

Get on the boring bus, I went to money changer there. Oh
goody! The man gave me $250!! Then I got on MRT & went to
Woodlands, to my school Woodgroove Sec.S.

Those books were super heavy, ahh my bag was full-loaded
for that. I also bought my PE T-shirts and shorts... Cool~!

My next plan was to meet Babu(my dad, that's what we call
him) at Lavender to get back my passport and student pass,
but he phoned me he would be late... so I went back home
first... n now Here I m on the computer!!

tell u the truth.. I hate books... so expensive...

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