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2004-12-21 05:30:35 (UTC)

My birthday

My birthday was on friday i had so much fun. My best friend
and her sister came and my friend brittany and my cuzin
samantha was there. We were wrestling and fighting on the
bed it was really fun sarah got her ass kicked by amber lol
that was funny. But i was kinda sad cuz most of the ppl i
invited had more important things to do than come which i
thought was dumb. But n e wayz i still had fun. We watched
Jeepers Creepers that night i got a little scared but i
alwayz do n e wayz cuz they fell asleep b4 it was over and
when it was done i tried wakin them up but i couldnt so i
slept in my room alone and i was scared cuz i kept on
hearing things but it was all good i alwayz have this much
fun when friends come over. Blaze couldnt come cuz his mom
sed he had to go to church and christmas carol, Michelle
couldnt come cuz no one was home, Gabby was grounded, Chase
wasnt home, Chris well he was probably jus getting high
somewhere, and Raychel had to get a haircut. WOW the
excuses if they didnt wanna come they couldve just sed no,
But i dont care they got problems. Im glad i got this diary
i can say stuff without hurting ppls feelings. Its great.
Now presents. I got Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. A linkin park
poster, An Amy Lee poster the Evanescence cd and dvd and
the greenday cd. And like 60 dollars. And 3cards. With
money in it. So my birthday was fun for the most part. So
Ill start some new entries now about ppl this will be fun,

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